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An overview of fundamental concepts that underpin the practice of data science and artificial intelligence.

The course introduces Artificial Intelligence, the Machine Learning Process, Common AI tools such as Tensorflow, Decision Forests, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Enterprise Design Thinking, Human Centered AI and Fairness in AI

The purpose of this innovation challenge is to stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and the generation of novel ideas using data.

The concept of innovation is one that is currently not well understood among many current and potential innovators. The term has been used in ways that have made it synonymous with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As a result, current and potential innovators in other disciplines fail to understand if what they are engaged in or planning to engage in is actually innovation.

The practice of innovation too suffers from many false starts arising from ideas and prototypes that do not find their way to commercialization. The lack of knowledge on the end to end process of innovation has led to ‘stolen ideas’, ideas that are never actualized, missed investment opportunities, death of enterprises established from innovative ideas and fallout among innovators among many other challenges.

The aim of this course therefore is to introduce innovators to fundamental concepts in innovation

Establishing an innovation center is often seen as a strategic action in organizations that seek to support innovators in achieving the commercial value of their ideas. However, individuals and teams tasked with this process often lack clarity on the process of establishment, the activities and programs to run, appropriate staffing, and most importantly how to guide innovators from ideas to income.

Sustaining an innovation center is also a daunting task. The need to ‘pay the bills’ such as utilities and salaries, to be sustainable and to generate a return on investment continues to challenge most innovation centers. It is evident that reliance on grants is not sustainable and that the options for revenue generation are also not well understood. Overall most innovation centers may not know how to assess their performance and impact.

The aim of this course therefore is to introduce innovation managers to fundamental concepts in establishing and managing innovation hubs and processes.